Gheorghe Gaberi, director of ANSA resigned. Who replaces him

Changes at the National Agency for Food Safety. Gheorghe Gaberi, the director of ANSA resigned. He will be raplaced by Ion Sula, the former minister of Agriculture.

The former director thanked the Government and the associations from this field for their support.


"I assumed this decision. It was caused by some personal problems. I am glad that a reached the end of the institutional agenda. I have worked a lot", said Gheorghe Gaberi, the former director of ANSA.

ANSA's former director can't continue working, but he declared that he will continue to support the agricultural field of the country.


Also, Vsevolod Stamati, the deputy director of ANSA resigned too. The Cabinet of Ministers approved their resignation letters.

Gheorghe Gaberi was named as ANSA's director in 2016. Previously, he leaded this institution between 2013 and 2014. Gheorghe Gaberi also worked as Agriculture vice minister.



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