Gheorghe Balan recognized that he is Andrei Nastase's relative

The IGP chief confirms the fact that he is a relative of the new Minister of Internal Affairs.

Gheorghe Balan recognized that he is Andrei Nastase's godson and mentioned about clarifying the created situation by the new Minister of MAI. Andrei Nastase didn't answer to the telephone calls to offer an explanation. Previously, he declared to the journalists that 'the affinities between him and Balan don't have something in common with his naming into the function of the interim chief of IGP'.

PM Maia Sandu declared today that Gheorghe Balan, the interim chief of IGP named by Andrei Nastase could be resigned. 

The declaration has come as a response to the journalist's question: 'you talked about the unacceptability of naming into functions by political visions, how about the naming of Andrei Nastase's godson into the function of IGP chief?'.

'We talked in the public space that where will be found conflict of interests, the situations will be corrected and it was a crisis situation. Now that we passed through the crisis, the situation will be solved', answered Maia Sandu. 

'Which one?', pointed out the press.


'The conflict of interests will be eliminated and if found out of them, the decision of naming Balan in function will be cancelled', said Maia Sandu.

We remind that Andrei Nastase, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the new Government of the Republic of Moldova, named his relative the Police chief, according to the press over the river Prut. The judge Gheorghe Balan was named into function of the IGP chief despite the relative level with one of the ACUM leaders, reports

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