Gheorghe Balan might return to judicial system. Superior Council of Magistrates annulled dismissal decision

Interim Chief of General Police Inspectorate, godson of Andrei Nastase, has challenged the Superior Council of Magistrates the decision on January 18 that Bălan was relieved from the post of judge. Moreover, another sanction was applied on Gheorghe Balan. 

According to the decision, Gheorghe Balan was to be applied "incorrect manifestly by the provisions of article 79 penal code" because he pronounced two punishment files under the form of fine while the crimes for which the defendants were convicted were "particularly grave", and the law also provides only "imprisonment" in such cases.

Andrei Nastase named Gheorghe Bălan as GPI Chief. Only when the press voiced on this issue, Nastase changed his decision and announced Balan would be Interim Chief until new candidate is elected. 

In the parliamentary elections, he was also candidate for deputy on constituency no. 34 Anenii Noi, from bloc ACUM. 

Previously, he was working at the Chisinau Court and marked as a Nastase supporter. 

In 2018, he was accused of involving in political activities after assisting a speech of Nastase. 



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