"Gheorghe Asachi" High School unveils new uniforms for students (PHOTOREPORT)

Gheorghe Asachi High School students will have new casual style uniforms. The students decided on jeans and cardigans instead of jackets and pants. The idea was supported by the school administration.

Young people just get used to the new uniform. However, those who already have the whole uniform are very satisfied with them:

"Yes, we like the new uniform. It was a good idea" 

"Burgundy is an universal color, the jeans are very convenient and everyone can wear them" 

"The school is the second home and we have to feel good and comfy"

The idea belongs to the Student Senate of the school and it was made by local producers. 

"The color of the jacket is distinguished by grades, but everybody wears jeans and has the badge of the school" , said the member of the Senate Student,  Mihai Soltan .

Teachers welcomes the youth's initiative. 

"From the nonconformity to an outfit that must characterize us as a school, it's pretty hard" , said history teacher Ludmila Groian.

Even though 30 years ago, the "Gheorghe Asachi" High School wanted to give up on the shcool uniform, now the idea of a unique outfit as returned.

"We wanted a casual comfortable uniform, byt also one that would highlight us among others" , said the school principal, Boris Volosatii.

On Friday, the student are  free to wear whatever they want. The outfit costs 750 lei.

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