German police seize 155kg of explosives, detain 2 men with possible links to right-wing terror group

GERMAN police have seized 155kg of explosives and detained two men suspected of having links to a right-wing terror group, according to The Sun

A home-made bomb marked with a swastika and SS symbols was also seized, German news agency DPA has reported.

The explosives were reportedly found in a flat in Lauterecken, west Germany on December 29.

The two suspects, aged 18 and 24, reportedly belong to a neo-Nazi group.

They deny wrongdoing and have reportedly claimed the explosives were intended for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Last week authorities seized 110kg of explosives from a residential house in the same area, Bild reported.

Germany is on high alert after a spate of terror atrocities, including the Berlin Christmas Market attack that killed 12 and injured 48.

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