German Ambassador Angela Ganninger visited two firms in Orhei where dual education system applied

Moldovan firms increasingly show interest in operating dual education system which enables them to create new jobs and enhance the labor market. It's a business concept they take over from Germany. 

Angela Ganninger, German Ambassador to Moldova decided to visit two big companies in Orhei who successfully implemented this system. 

There are currently about 30 young people who are working in a wiring factory in Orhei while simultaneously studying in a city vocational school. 

"We can apply everything we learn at school for works at the factory. So we find it rewarding". 

Igor Corman, director of the factory, declared the company's interest in investing in the youth who are energetic and hardworking. 

"We're interested in young people who come to work and want to learn more. We want to invest in them with training so we can cooperate for longer term", said Igor Corman.

The German Ambassador also paid visit to another car manufacturing factory. She assured that only qualified workers would be able to attract more foreign investment. 

"We've found that this system is greatly contributing to economic frameworks. I'm glad with how the dual education is implemented here", said Angela Ganninger, German Ambassador to Moldova. 

Totally there are over 40 professional schools in Moldova, half of which implement dual study programs. 

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