Generate revenue all year round. Entrepreneur from Chisinau uses tractors in construction and for snow clearing

An entrepreneur from Chisinau has figured out how to gain income all year round. He purchased multiple multi-functional tractors and uses them in summer on construction sites, while in winter for snow removal.

The businessman claims that most money during winter comes from days when snow falls heavily.

Andrei Nogailîc has understood two years ago that snow can be used to earn money. He worked for many years in the construction fields, while from the savings, acquired two second hand tractors.

"Those vehicles are multi-functional, they can be used in construction, agriculture and even for snow clearing" Andrei Nogailîc explained. 

Last year, the man extended his business and now has a garage with 9 tractors, all used in both construction and snow removal.

"The first two days after the snowfall, we worked day and night. The longest it took us to clean off snow is five hours" Andrei Nogailîc said.

With small steps, the tractors can complete in an hour work that would take 50 people, as its shovel can take up to one and a half ton.

This work is most appreciated by owners of shops, gas stations and private parking lots. Alexandru Artemiev administrates a fitness center from the Capital.

To clean the parking lot after heavy snow, the man calls for snow clearing service. He claims that it helps save up both time and money.

"If we would employ people for this job, it would require around 3-4 hours. The machine has done everything in an hour" Alexandru Artemiev said.

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