General Police Inspectorate urges citizens to be more cautious with fireworks and firecrackers

Fireworks of low quality can ruin not only the holiday, but also one's health. Police officers urge citizens to purchased fireworks only from authorized places. During this period, employees from the General Police Inspectorate are raiding shops and markets from the Capital, while those found illegally selling fireworks are sanctioned.

Despite everything seeming to be in order at first sight, after analyzing documents, officers have noticed that their expiration date is due in less than a week. In another shop, inspectors have discovered that the administrators lacked the the quality certificate of the goods.

Vendors who illegally sell fireworks or firecrackers risks to 9 000 lei fine.

Even some websites offer people to purchase fireworks, but only there, nobody can promise that the product is of good quality.

Each year, on the night of New Years, around 10 people are taken to the Emergency Hospital with burns and other injuries caused by low quality fireworks, or their wrong usage.

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