General Nicolae Alexei, on uninominal voting: 'It destroys corruption'

The present electoral system is corrupt and emphasizes the interests of the legislators, say ex-deputies, who were elected by uninominal vote. They maintain the opinion that the elected who passed in Parliament on the basis of party lists no longer keep the connection with the citizens who voted for them.

"In 1990, I was elected in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, on uninominal circumscriptions, on circumscription number 318. I went to meet with the citizens, I got to know them, they got to know me, but the most important is that I knew their problems. So, in 2001 I came in the Parliament, as Parliament deputy, but on the lists of a political party. For four years I didn’t receive a single letter from an elector, nor from a citizen, I didn’t receive any phone calls, wasn’t contacted at all. And not solely me, but all of us," stated ex-deputy and general Nicolae Alexei.

The ex-deputy also says that the present system encourages the electoral corruption, and the sole solution of the problem is the change of the method of the deputies’ election.

The liquidation of the elective system will favor the ending of the elective corruption, and also the annihilation of the elective mafia.

"This may happen in a sole case – in case that this system will be modified and namely with the uninominal elective system," concluded the ex-deputy in the Parliament, general Nicolae Alexei.

And Victor Panasiuc, the president of the association "Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate from the Republic of Moldova", has the opinion that the uninominal vote means responsibility and civic spirit as well as on the behalf of the electors as well as on the behalf of the elected.

"It doesn’t represent a problem to change the voting system. In this way, we shall be able to elect the ones that we know and respect. Moreover, we shall have the possibility to ask for their dismissal, in the case that they don’ t correspond to our expectations ", stated the president of the karate association, Victor Panasiuc.

The uninominal vote is sustained by many personalities from the arts, sports, doctors, professors, but also hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Over half a million Moldovans have signed to change the electoral system up to now.

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