Gazprom declines Moldova’s debt paying scheme related to Transnistrian area

Gazprom has declined restructuring the debt of $6.5  bn as proposed by the Chișinău authorities, which suggest transferring the biggest part of this debt to the side which consumed the gas, that is the Transnistrian region, writes Kommersant.

It quotes experts saying Russia does not hope to regain this money but wants to use it as leverage over Chișinău.

$5.8 bn of this debt belongs to the Transnistrian area, which Gazprom has practically supplied gas for free since later 1992. However, legally the debt belongs to MoldovaGaz, in which the Moldovan Government holds 1/3 of stock.

In mid-January, on his trip to Moscow, Moldovan president Igor Dodon stated Moldova must assume the gas debt of the Transnistrian authorities.

Last week, at a meeting Gazprom official Valery Golubev, Moldovan Prime Minister Pavel Filip said Moldova wanted the debt split, so as the Tiraspol authorities should pay their part.

But last Friday, Transnistrian leader Vadim Krasnoselski said Gazprom would not modify the scheme of delivering gas to the Transnistrian area, neither the debt.

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