Gas retailers DUMP prices, after Energy Regulator ENABLES 'upper limit' policy

Moldova’s fuel sellers have displayed lower prices at pump starting as of today, after ANRE energy regulator set a maximum upper limit they cannot overpass.

Consequently, a liter of gasoline went down 14 bani, as the diesel oil fell 32 bani.
Now a liter of premium gas is 16.21 lei, as the euro gasoline is 16.11 lei.

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The diesel fuel went down to 13.73 lei. The biggest price drop was registered with the liquefied gas, which now sells at 7.20 lei a liter.

But it’s never a big cut enough for drivers, though some are glad ANRE monitors closer the developments on the fuel market.

The Energy Regulator will set the price upper limit once in two weeks, taking into account the fluctuations on the world’s stock markets.

ANRE decided two days ago to fine 27 gas dealers for illegally setting higher prices.
The Regulator vows to withdraw licenses, if fuel retailers neglect its warnings.

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