Gamurari: State institutions are opened to answer at citizens' questions about wage law

State institutions are open to any question that comes from citizens to avoid unclear situations with reference to wage law. This was announced by DPM spokesman Vitalie Gumurari.

According to Gumuri, authorities are in the process of creating a system to inform citizens and state employees about how wage increases are taking place.

"The implementation of the law on payroll is a very important project for the Republic of Moldova, and the Government will do its best to make this process clear and fairly beneficial, since December 1, the law came into force, and from January a large proportion of officials will receive wage increases, and in some cases even double.

In this context, the institutions that are responsible for the promotion, implementation and implementation of everything related to the wage law will organize and are in the process of creating a system to provide the necessary explanations in territories so that there will be no misunderstandings citizens or even those who are engaged in this activity", said DPM spokesman Vitalie Gumurari.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that budget officials who want to know how much they will raise their leverage as a result of wage reform can sound the hotline set by the Ministry of Finance. 

Information can be requested at 080 00 15 25.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that on December 13-31, all accountants will be trained to make no mistakes in applying the wage law.

The wage reform, which entered into force on 1 December, provides higher wages for some 200,000 people in all areas, including education, health and social welfare.

The salary of a donation, for example, which is now an average of 1,455 lei, will reach 3,040 lei.

In the case of educators, the remuneration will increase on average by 50 percent and will reach approximately 4,700 lei.

To raise leftes, in the year 2019, 1.3 billion lei will be allocated from the state budget.

People will reach higher wages in January.

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