Gămurari: News that Vlad Plahotniuc is investigated in Romania are false. Do not easily trust prisoners who decided they wish to be actors

PDM spokesman, Vitalie Gămurari has announced after the weekly session that the news of Vlad Plahotniuc being investigated in România is false. 

"I wish to speak of the new campaign that appeared yesterday on mass media and wishes to manipulate citizens, claiming that Vlad Plahotniuc is a suspect in an investigation from Romania. Those are fake new, Mr. Plahotniuc is not mentioned in any file. The document presented yesterday were claims and not actual investigation upon Mr. Plahotniuc, meaning that this document was meant to manipulate, therefore we request those institutions to make an official statement, to read the document carefully and consult lawyers, in case they do not know of legal procedures.

That complaint was made by inmate Veaceslav Platon, against Vlad Plahotniuc a while ago. Authorities from Romania had to register and check it, as stated by law and it is nothing unusual. As you can see, the claims proved to be false and had nothing to do with Romania. Therefore, if someone were to write complain against us, law enforcement will be forced to take the same actions. They will open an investigation to check if the statement matches or not. First of all the act is investigated and only then, officers decided if it is relevant to the case and the person must be pursuit" PDM spokesman explained.

Vitalie Gămurari has also mentioned that Vlad Plahotniuc, knowing that such manipulation of Chisinau's press will be made, has prepared from time with his lawyers and requested DIICOT and Bucharest Court, to make a statement whether he is a suspect in any criminal file.

"Some mass media chose to manipulate and paint a common paper as something extraordinary, presenting a document registered in April, failing to explain that it is a legal procedure that was taken due to a criminal's claims. I wish to remind that Mr. Plahotniuc has spoken on this matter since the beginning of the year, answering questions for a press institution, when the document was proven to be false and only after the data from there are confirmed, will law enforcement from Romania declare if the complaint was real or not.

I also wish to mention that Mr. Plahotniuc, knowing beforehand that mass media will try to manipulate citizens, has formed a team of lawyers since summer, requesting DIICOT and Bucharest Court to make a statement if his name is present in any criminal file. The answer was that Mr. Plahotniuc's name cannot be found in any investigation and if such thing would exist, he would have already been made aware of the fact, as stated by law, which did not happen so far. The response were recent, from June, end of August 2017. Making it more recent than that statement released by press, which dates back to April. Nobody has the right to persecute someone without first officially announcing it to the suspect, meaning that the document from April was proved to be false.

Therefore, we can see yet another attempt of Jurnal TV to manipulate the citizens. We wish to remind that only last year, one of their writers has created a news announcing that Mr. Plahotniuc's name is mentioned in an investigation in România, but presenting it in a manipulative way. You can also notice another interesting fact, all those who make claims or interviews soiling Mr. Plahotniuc's name are either criminals who are being investigated for billion of US dollars frauds, people who are already serving a sentence, or those who wish to use the law and take revenge, those being only a few examples. The worst is that those declarations are made by a mas media representatives, as breaking news, by people who are trusted to say the truth and not criminals who are now in prisons" Gămurari ended.

Vitalie Gămurari has also added that "a premature electoral campaign has already begun, where imprisoned criminals who have nothing to lose are chosen as actors, which indicates how some are preparing to spread false information among citizens to manipulate the public opinion. We urge people to be careful when trusting new information and to not let themselves be easily fooled by mass media."

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