Game claimed life of a 13-year-old child from Ungheni

A ridiculous game has brought unimaginable pain for a family from Semeni village, Ungheni, who lost their 13-year-old son.

According to the press officer of Ungheni Police Inspectorate, Lilia Covaliov, the child was found in the backyard, strangled by the rope used to hook some rabbits, which were sacrificed, wrote

The press officer has declare that an investigation has begun to establish all circumstances of the incident.

Relatives claim that the tragedy took place after the boy wished to show a demonstration, resulting in this tragedy. According to them, once he accidentally tangled in the rope, the child slipped, as the ground was slippery and going downhill.

This version was confirmed by the forensics who established that after slipping the child suffered from shock, resulting in him fainting and unable to get free.

As the investigation demonstrates that it was an accident, the family requested the permit of the episcopate from Ungheni and Nisporeni to bury the child according to the christian practice.

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