Galoshes and wellington boots are gaining popularity in Moldova

With snow melting, the roads are filled with mud. People from villagers find a difficult time without using wellington boots or galoshes. Villagers from Văsieni, Ialoveni, for example, claim that those shoes are their salvation, as the mud reaches their ankles.

Madam Vasilisa, 91, wishes to attend the birthday party of her neighbor and claims that galoshes help in any situation.

While this bride used wellington boots.

Local manufacturers offer a big variety for their clients: for any price and taste.

"It prevents the cold. They are dry, comfortable and light."

Sellers claim that once the weather warms up, sales are increasing, especially for wellington boots.

"Everyone buys them, both from villages and cities. Even women from villages claim that they wish to work in the garden in beautiful shoes."

Galoshes can be bought for 55 - 75 lei, while wellington boots for 100 - 150 lei. 

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