Gaburici: Increase of roughly 40% of expected income within IT Park

"IT sector in Moldova is developing and the main stimulus is the virtual IT park, launched since January 2018", said Economy Minister Chiril Gaburici. 

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Chiril Gaburici met with the administration and some residents of Moldova IT Park.

"The IT park has proved the major potential of our country on global map as an IT destination. In 2019, within Moldova IT park, we estimate an increase of around 40% of expected income compared with the previous year, reaching 2.6 billion lei. It confirms the dynamism of the information technology market in the Republic of Moldova ", said Chiril Gaburici. 

In a year of activity, the IT Park registered totally 339 residents, with a sales income of about 2 billion lei, exceeding the forecast revenue of about 77 million lei.

Thus both exports and local sales experienced a significant increase over the year 2018, exceeding the projected volumes.

The local sales in the first year of activity of residents in the new tax regime reached the value of 373 million lei and the exports made by the residents of the Park were about 4.4 times higher, exceeding the amount of 1.6 billion lei.

Moreover, the dynamics of growth are preserved during the first two months of 2019. Today, Moldova IT Park has 373 companies, of which 106 are companies with foreign capital.

According to Chiril Gaburici, human capital is one of the key elements in the development of the IT sector.

"We managed to create optimum conditions for residents so that they can double their sales volumes, but also the number of employees.

In 2019, we expect a significant increase in the number of residents, encouraged by the results of companies so far. The origin of foreign capital is predominantly in the USA and the European Union, "the minister said.

According to the data, the most demanded and profitable eligible activities within Moldova IT Park during 2018 were: custom software development services, data processing services, web pages management and related activities, as well as other activities of IT services.

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