Future entrepreneurs to apply for State Project Start for Youth. What is this program about

Young people who long to do business can submit their files to government program Start for Youth. The project launched this year will provide beneficiaries with advice, training, and up to 180,000 lei.

Alina Rusu is ambitious, she wants to grow marigold. State support will make her dream come true. 

"I really appreciate this program. I don't have enough money to start my business. We all dream to be a great entrepreneur", said Alina Rusu, an applicant of the program.

Roman Puşcă wants to launch a tourism business.

"Thanks to this project, lots of people could receive state support", said Roman Puşcă, an applicant of the program.

Irina Cazacu already has business experience. She opened with her husband a clinic and received grants worth over 400,000 lei in two other funding programs: "Woman in Business" and "Pare 1+1".

"We had to make a choice - either go on the non-reimbursable investment path or go on credit options. Of course I tried the first variant, which is less painful," said Irina Cazacu, entrepreneur.

Project Start for Youth is aimed for Moldovan citizens aged between 18-35 years old. They must contribute 20 percent of the total investment. Deadline of project will be on 31 March. 

"We aim to emphasize on training, identifying business ideas, preparing young people and offering to finance their business ideas", said ODIMM director Petru Gurgurov.

"With this program, we want to facilitate the integration of young people from the Republic of Moldova into the economic circuit," said Iulia Costin, state secretary at the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

Program Start for Youth will be implemented by 2020 with budget of 60 million lei allocated by Government. 


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