Furious wives beat and strip alleged mistress before dragging her along the street by her hair

This is the shocking moment two wives force the alleged mistress of their husbands to do a walk of shame, stripping, beating, and dragging her down the street, reports Daily Mail.

The footage comes from a village on the Crimean Peninsula recently annexed by Russia.

A passer-by films the bikini-clad woman as she is subjected to the violent attack.

It shows one of the wives in a black top repeatedly pummelling the woman who had allegedly slept with her husband, reports ren.tv.

To the amusement of men watching on, the wife pushes her to the floor and rips off her bikini.

She kicks and spits on her face while berating the woman.

Then the other alleged wife, in a tiger-printed top, grabs the ‘mistress’ by the hair and force marches her down the street.

Small children watch the assault until the bedraggled woman is dumped at the side of the road.

Local media reported that one of the wives was pregnant which made her even more furious.

Nobody was seen coming to the aid of the woman and there was no sign of the police.

The footage quickly went viral after it was posted on social media.

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