Fugitive Renato Usatîi's face started appearing on dumpsters from Bălţi

The face of the leader of "Our Party", fugitive Renato Usatîi, has started appearing on dumpsters from Bălţi, with the inscription: trash party appeared in Bălţi.

At the moment, it is unknown who painted the containers, but it is believed to be displeased citizens from the city, after the trash was not evacuated for nearly two weeks.

The trash issue from Bălți begun in December, when the administration canceled the contract with the economic agent who was offering the service to the city.

The government interfered after PM Pavel Filip received multiple complaints from citizens and request for help from Bălți City Hall.

After three days, at the end of December, all the trash was collected by over 50 carabineers and 25 workers from Regia „Autosalubritate".

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