Fuel prices restored in Moldova to the ones from two weeks ago

ANRE has published new fuel prices. Starting this afternoon, a liter of gasoline is sold for 19 lei and 15 bani, by 34 bani less than the agency announced yesterday. While diesel is sold by 17 lei and 19 bani per liter, by 22 bani less. According to a press release of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, the court's decision is based on the fact that the prices ANRE announced could cause consumer protection law being breached, which will lead to considerable damages.

Gas stations from the country will restore the previously used prices after 15:00 local time. According to ANRE's director general, Tudor Copaci, the institution will execute the court's decision and suspend the new prices.

The sentence can be appealed, but ANRE's chief declared that it is unknown yet if they will appeal the decision at the Court of Appeal.

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"The court's decision cannot be commented, only executed. We will not increase fuel prices today and suspend the decision of new prices, returning to the previous ones" Tudor Copaci declared.

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