Fuel gets cheaper. ANRE gives new prices on their website

 ANRE has indicated the prices of the fuel for the period 27 July – 09 August 2016.

  • the Premium 95 gas has got cheaper and will cost 15.52 lei per liter, with 0.31 lei less than last time;
  • the Diesel fuel will cost 13.54 lei per liter, with 0.52 lei less than previous period;
  • liquid gas stays the same with 7.51 lei per liter.

The prices were established by ANRE according to the provisions of a new Methodology of development and appliance of prices to fuel, effective since 13 May 2016.

The prices posted on ANRE website are valid for 14 calendar days.

The fuel companies are obliged to change the prices for fuel, so that it wouldn’t overpass ANRE regulations.

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