From welder to MANICURIST. What his customers say

A young man from Comrat made a career in a field considered traditional for women. Grigore Militan gave up the welding job and got manicure. Now he's barely able to handle the demands. 

"I'm doing classical manicure, combined, painting with a stick, glue-sticking and nail stretching", said Grigore Militan, manicurist. 

The 27-year-old is also good at pedicure. 

"If you need somewhere to correct the nail or elongate and with the nail polish", added the man. 

Customers who come to it for the first time are very amazed. 

"They think I'm just leading them to a working table, to a certain specialist. Then when I start working, I'm very surprised", said the manicurist.

Loyal customers are pleased with Grigore's creativity and professionalism. Here's what they say: 

"I'm very pleased, it's a good specialist, it's very good to nail your nails, it's good to talk to him". 

"When I come, I get pleasure from the soul. Grigore is a specialist who gives his soul, is professionally". 

"Dedicated to the profession, he is a very good, friendly specialist". 

Now, the young man is planning to make some makeup courses and stretch the lashes. 

"I will choose a period in which I will have fewer clients to have time for classes. I am happy that I can give someone positive emotions and a pleasant memory after my procedures", said Grigore.

Prices for a classic manicure start at a hundred lei. For elongation, design or combined manicure, these are a few hundred lei.

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