From life savior to patient. A surgeon received liver transplant

From life savior to patient. A surgeon from Ceadir-Lunga hospital has received a heart transplant. The organ was taken from a brain dead man.

The surgeon Ion Damascan has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C 36 years ago. After numerous treatments, the only chance to live was the liver transplant. The surgeon says that he still cannot believe that a compatible donor was found and is very grateful to the donor’s family.

The surgery was done by a team of physicians from the Republican Hospital. Ion Damascan has only words of praise for his colleagues.

The surgeon barely awaits to go back to work, but the recovery period will be very long.

The liver transplant was done for the second time in a week, which means it is for the first time in Moldova.

Since 2012 until now, in Moldova were done 23 liver transplants.  According to Transplant Agency representatives, 43 persons are in the waiting list for a liver.

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