From Congo to Chisinau! Viny-Laury Obossó basketball player is in our country for more than a year

From Congo to the Republic of Moldova! The story of basketball player Viny-Laury Obossó in our country began in 2017 when the African came to Chisinau to study at the Faculty of International Relations. He chose Moldova for the same reason most foreign students do: study contracts are much cheaper than in many other European countries.

"I heard that it was an international organization that had a contract with ULIM. I started reading about Moldova and I said: why not?", Said Viny-Laury Obosso, bashebalist Gaha Cahul.

For nearly a year in Chisinau Viny-Laury Obossó started to love our culture.

"I learned Romanian more quickly, because when I came I was speaking English, and here people speak English very much and I like Moldova." I MUST LOVE people very much because they are open and nice, I like the food, but also girls, "Viny-Laury Obosso, basketball player Gaha Cahul said.

Being in love with basketball from an early age, the Congolese decided to follow its passion for this kind of sport  in our country. At home in Brazzaville he represented the national junior team of the Congo, and in the Republic of Moldova he is a legitimate performer at Gama Club in Cahul. Viny-Laury Obossó came to this team with friends.

"I met last winter when I was playing for another team, he started to train with us, and we played together for the whole time, we played even this summer on the street," said Igor Nistor, basketball player Cahul Gama .

"The level of basketball in the Republic of Moldova? When I came I was a little lost, because in Africa, we think the level of basketball in Europe is the best, I think the level of basketball in Moldova will be better over 10 years with the coming generations, "said Viny-Laury Obosso, basketball player Cahul Gamma.

Like any other basketball player Viny-Laury Obossó has an idol. Naturally, in the NBA. Star of the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant inspires Congolese.

"When I heard about Kevin Durant, I said" who is he"? I was 16 years old, then I went to youtube, I started to see how he played, then I started to repeat his movements. I'm OK, I'm Kevin Durant ... "said Viny-Laury Obosso, the Cahul gambler.

Although not sure whether he will remain in the Republic of Moldova after completing his studies, Viny-Laury Obosso is successful with his team. He won with Gama a trophy at the debut season. With him on the field, the Cahul group won the Moldavian Cup after a dramatic final with Basco Balti, score 61-60.

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