Friends and family gather to mourn victms of Pașcani mine collapse

Friends and family will say their last goodbyes to the three employees that passed away after Pașcani mine from Criuleni collapsed.

Authorities from Măgdăcești village, where they resided, declared today and tomorrow days of mourning.

The miners were of 33, 36 and 41 years old. They were married and had two children each.

The families received 50 000 lei support from the Government and 800 lei from the City Hall, each.

The men were crushed by a wall which collapsed. Two deceased on sight, while the third lived his last moments in an ambulance.

Prosecutors have begun criminal investigation to find breaches that could possibly endanger miner's lives.

Two employees of the company which owned the mine were declared suspects, while one of them was arrested.

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