Fresh wine drained from crusher to please visitors in Tulburle Festival 2017 (PHOTOREPORT)

New wines that have been drained from the crusher can already be tasted at the Tulburl Festival 2017, which was inaugurated today in the capital.

After a tiring working week, people came to taste the first ripple.

"We took a bottle of white ripple and bought something to eat. We start tasting now!"

"It's great here, it's all tasty."

"We are very pleased with this holiday in Moldova." "The price is affordable."

In order to meet the requirements of the visitors, the entrepreneurs brought to the festival with the most fresh wine. A glass of wine costs five lei, and one liter - 20.

In addition to fresh wine, party guests can also taste great barbecue. One hundred grams of roasted meat costs 40 lei or more. 

The "Tulburel" festival reached fifth edition and will last until Sunday.

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