French presidential election posters REINVENTED (PHOTO)

With less than a week to the first round of the presidential election in France, nothing is clearcut, Euronews informs.

Never has the outcome of a presidential election seemed so uncertain. As with every ballot, the official posters of the candidates who run for the presidential election have been set up in every town and village throughout the country.

However, these public presentations are often subject to being defaced by graffiti. Creativity seems limitless. Of all the candidates affected by this phenomenon, François Fillon, from the right-wing party “Les Républicains” seems to be ahead of the others.


"Ma robe et mes souliers m'ont été offerts par une amie" Votez Cendrillon. Cendrillon présidente.

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"En nage" Votez Ariel presidente #streetartparis #election2017

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