Freedom House research: Moscow uses media and frozen conflict in Transnistria to intimidate Moldova

Moscow intensely uses Russian-language media to spread fake news and incite Russian ethnics in Moldova, the Baltic states and Ukraine. The Kremlin uses as tools the so-called frozen conflicts, as is the Transnistrian region in the Moldova’s case, by Russia, in case of need, tries to step up political pressure, reads a report by Freedom House and quoted by Europa Liberă.

According to the study, Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian style is getting contagious among politicians from EU member states, who don’t shun to openly express their admiration with the Russian leader.

The trend is not strange to Moldova, becoming obvious, experts notify, after the pro-Russian politician Igor Dodon became president.

His close linkage to Moscow was especially remarked at the May 9 parade, Igor Dodon being the only foreign head of state to accept Vladimir Putin’s invitation, unlike an array of leaders from the world and the former Soviet Union.

The Freedom House report reads Russia played a key role in edifying "modern authoritarian regimes."  Politicians try to copy its methods of checking media, propaganda, undermining and dominating the civil society and political opposition.

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