Free treatment for patients with hepatitis disease

Nearly three thousand patients suffering from chronic hepatitis will benefit from free treatment.

The Ministry of Health has bought the treatment and it has arrived today, December 21st, at the Infectious Diseases Hospital "Toma Ciorba" in the capital and in coming days it will be delivered to other medical institutions of the country. The drugs were checked by Health Minister Ruxandra Glavan, together with a specialized commission.

This year, for the first time, the Ministry of Health has managed to increase by seven times the number of patients who will treated for free.  

Experts argue that preparations for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, B and D were purchased in Egypt and Bangladesh and the treatment provided is of 90 percent.

Patients should consult their family doctor to benefit from a free treatment.

"We have currently 1200 or so applications submitted within the Commission. A thousand patients have already their decisions. Decisions are positive at 99 percent. There are very few cases when we refuse" , said Doina Rotundu, the Commission President.

The medicines will reach all districts in the country.

"All the drugs that we've seen here, according to distribution lists and decisions on patient names will be distributed in all districts of Moldova. We do this to avoid displacement" , said the Minister of Health, Ruxandra Glavan.

35 million lei were allocated for the purchase of drugs, money foreseen for the National Program for the year 2016 to combat hepatitis.
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