Free medicine across Moldova: Double number of pharmacy visitors are recorded

Number of patients visiting pharmacy for free medicines doubled after the extensive list of 100% compensated medicine came into force on the first day of February. People say they can save much money thanks to that policy. 

Eleonora Jorniac, 48 years old, suffers from hypertension. The woman has to buy monthly medication and now she's happy that she can take free medicines. 

"Now the medicine is free. It's really good. Everything done for people is really great", said patient Eleonora Jorniac.

"This's much of goodness for pensioners. Do you know how much expensive is that medicine? Very expensive", said Maria Zubrii.

To get fully compensated medicines, patients only need a prescription from their family doctor or specialist.

Since the first day of February, increasing clients go to pharmacies are recorded. 

"We notice increasing patients with compensated recipes. Before there were around 50, 60 patients, now we see even 150 patients", said pharmacist Ana Spinei.

Doctors say the government's initiative is welcome, as free medicines are intended for the treatment of the most common diseases, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, or endocrine.

"On Friday, the list of free medicines were introduced. The patients are so happy", said family doctor Elmira Antoci.

The initiative belongs to Prime Minister Pavel Filip who asked the health officials to identify mechanisms for reducing pressure on medicine purchases. 

In this respect, the government allocated 60 million lei in the state budget . 

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