Fredolin Lecari at NCB Annual Heads meeting: Being a member of Interpol for Moldova is very important

INTERPOL’s 15th Annual Heads of NCB meeting took place these days. The 315 seniors of 150 countries discussed about the biggest security threatens and challenges and also proposed some recommendations to solve these. Fredolin Lecari, the Republic of Moldova border police director attended the meeting. He discussed about the biggest challenges that each country has to face with.

"All heads of NCB meetings are very useful, because this is one of the best performances for all heads of the NCB in order to discuss the challenges which normally every country is facing and every normal law agency as well. The crime challenges are the same for all the countries, this is the cyber crime, all kinds of trafficking whether its human being trafficking, drugs, smuggling of goods and so on. Of course, using the tools and services which Interpol provides helps the front line police who are staying at the border or performing their duties in the street help them a lot in to tackle all kind of threats."

Also, the official mentioned the tremendous role of Interpol for Moldova and stressed how important it is for us to take part of Interpol NCB.

"Being a member of Interpol for Moldova is a fundamental key, whether we are speaking about the border control, police and other law enforcement. Using that database creates good architecture on the national level in order just to sustain the good level of security of the country"

At the end of the meeting, delegates endorsed a number of conclusions aimed at advancing efforts to improve NCB performance, particularly in the area of forensics and the increased use of INTERPOL’s forensic tools and databases.

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