Four people to stand trial for manipulating scores of national and international tennis matches to win bets

Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office has finalized the investigation and sent all filed to the court, accusing two tennis players and two accomplices for arranging the scores from many tennis matches, both in Republic of Moldova, as well as abroad.

The four persons were arrested at the end of November 2017 by anticorruption prosecutors and CNA officers.

According to the investigation, for a certain amount of money, the suspects convinced tennis players to aim for a certain score and have a certain behavior within national and international competitions. With preset scores, the suspects managed to win a few thousands euro from bets. Prosecutors have also found out that the suspects acted along with coaches and international tennis players, from countries such as Romania, Ukraine and other states. During the investigation, evidence was revealed proving that this group of persons traded information, therefore managing to manipulate dozens of matches.

After searching their houses, law enforcement found and seized debit cards, where money from bets were transferred, as well as cell phones and computers, containing correspondences regarding manipulating matches by people who committed similar activities abroad.

If found guilty, the suspects risks to pay fines to 217 500 lei, or spend the next 3 years behind bars. At the same time, they will be obligated to recover court costs of 5580 lei.


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