Four people from administration of a construction company detained by CNA for corruption

Four people in the management of construction companies in the capital were detained by CNA and prosecutors in a corruption case. They are suspected of having committed through abuse several irregularities in the construction of residential buildings, which was resulted in prejudice to an extremely large number of investors.

According to the investigation, representatives of construction companies erected without authorization and by transgressing the rules in construction additional floors to three blocks that they had to build on 115 Alexandru cel Bun street in Chisinau.

Moreover, they signed investment contracts with individuals and legal entities for the spaces on floors, built abusively, contrary to legal provisions and execution project.

While documenting the case, CNA officers made several inquiries to the municipal authorities to elucidate the circumstances in which the offense was committed. In the answers of the State Construction Inspectorate, Labor Inspection, Chisinau city hall services, and those of the police, it is shown that the economic agents have been warned countless times on irregularities detected, and a prescription is issued to stop the work. However, companies have continued.

To strengthen the rules of evidence, the anti-corruption prosecutors and CNA officers conducted searches at the premises of concerned companies, the homes and cars of suspects. In the criminal investigation, were seized documents, computers, and three luxury cars belonging to the suspects.

Currently, the administrator, the founder and two people from two construction firms are retained for 72 hours and are prosecuted for abuse of office. If found guilty, the suspects risk imprisonment up to 6 years.

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