Four men from Balti investigated for influence peddling

Four persons from Balti municipality were detained by SPIA officers and prosecutors of "North" office of Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office, being investigated for influence peddling.

According to information, one of the four suspects was investigated for hitting in October 2016 an employee of Balti Police Inspectorate, generating body damage, and allegedly tried together with the other three suspects to influence the decision factors from within the legislation bodies from Balti municipality, with the intent to avoid responsibility.

In this case is also involved a lawyer who, at the moment of the crime was occupying the position of president of Falesti trial court, him trying to influence the persons responsible from within the Balti Prosecutor's Office, so that the latter to take the suspect out of the investigation.

The four suspects are detained for a period of 72 hours, being placed in the prison for preventive detention, and the lawyer is investigated at liberty, him having a status of suspect. 

The investigation is carried out by Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office.

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