Four children hospitalized after gas intoxication

Two children, aged between eight and six-year-old, required medical treatment after they got smoke poisoning.The incident took place in Dobrogea village, Singerei, this morning.

According to the experts from the Emergency Situations Service, the boys started to feel ill and the parents called the ambulance. The children were hospitalized in Balti hospital.

All the circumstances of this case will be elucidated.

Simultaneously, yesterday in Balti, two other children, a 7-years-old girl and her 10-years-old brother needed medical treatment after the fireplace from their house eliminated toxic gases. Parents alerted the emergency services immediately.

Emergency services urges citizens to respect the rules of using a fireplace. The experts recommend to check the fireplace before using it and to ventilate the room. Moreover, the firemen alert people to quench the flames for the night time.


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