Former prosecutor: Maia Sandu faces integrity issues. Maia Sandu blamed of fraud

Maia Sandu, the former Education Minister bought 1.200 Chinese surveillance cameras for the baccalaureate exams but paid as for German ones. The accusations have been brought by Ivan Diacov prosecutor.

According to him, in 2013, Maia Sandu postponed the auction for buying these cameras three times. Thus, the winner of the auction was a company that made an agreement with her. The Education Ministry paid seven million lei, but the price of the cameras was smaller. Further, a criminal file for fraud was opened.

"We started the investigation, but the cameras are good and nobody complained", said Ivan Diacov, former prosecutor.

The former prosecutor says that the PAS leader fights against bribery, even is she has integrity issues. "When somebody fights against corruption, she must be aware of the thing that people know she is not upright".

The PAS leader didn't reply our phone calls to comment on these accusations.


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