Former mayor of Truşeni to stand trial for fraud and illegal land acquisition

Former mayor from Truşeni, along with an engineer, were trialed for illegal acquisition of local land in big proportions. 

The suspects were detained at the end of November 2016, after an investigation performed by the Economic crime Unit of the National Investigation Inspectorate. 

According to the officers, one of the suspects was the mayor of Truşeni commune during  1999-2011, while the second man was a geodetic engineer.

Using their position the two men would illegally sell lands from Truşeni to entrepreneurs interested in building apartment blocks in their place, providing fake documents for free.

The lands were sold, through third parties for 10-15 thousand dollars per lot.

In order to make the sale seem legal, the suspects, would create a document for the plot of land and then register it at the "Cadastru" office.

The total worth of the 13 illegally sold land lots estimates to be 1.655.202,55 lei, while its real market price being of over 4.5 million lei.

Moreover, the two men gained through frauds 1.191.747 lei, under the excuse of selling lands from Truşeni commune.

Due to the complexity of the scheme, police officers has split the case and investigated them separately, while announcing the two as wanted people.

The judges have also signed a warranty for seizing possessions of the two suspects.

 If found guilty they risk to spend the next 15 years behind bars.

By investigating the 13 lots, over 40 other lots were found as illegally acquired, worth over 8 million lei, which were taken as additional evidence for the case. 


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