Former liberal Valeriu Munteanu registered to run for Chisinau Mayor

Former liberal Valeriu Munteanu submitted documents to run for Chisinau Mayor. He now represents the Save Bessarabia Union (USB). 

"Alliance ACUM-PSRM divided the whole Moldova and threw lots of things including the local elections. We need to involve and come up with solutions for Chisinau", said Valeriu Munteanu. 

In case he gains good results at October elections, USB won't make alliance with Socialist Party, Munteanu said. 

Instead, the former Liberal said he could reach an agreement with the block ACUM. His name was on this alliance's list in the February parliamentary elections. 

He also tried to run for Chisinau Mayor last year but failed with only over 8000 votes (3.61%). 

According to the Chisinau Electoral Council, two candidates registered in this local elections are Socialist Ion Ceban and Andrei Donică (represents Speranța - Nadejda Professional Movement party).

According to the Chisinau District Electoral Council, so far, two candidates have been registered in the elections on October 20. It is about the socialist Ion Ceban and Andrei Donică, who represents the political formation of the "Speranța - Nadejda" Professional Movement



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