Former Justice Minister Stanislav Pavlovschi blames Government on CC situation

Former Justice Minister Stanislav Pavlovschi says that "what's going on around the Constitutional Court is totally unacceptable!". He also blames the governing party for this situation. 

According to Pavlovschi, in a democratic state, the state officials, who had such actions, must have been dismissed for long! Same with the judges who let on the secrecy of voting and deliberations!". 

On his Facebook, Stanislav Pavlovschi wrote that "the actual component of the Court was formed by the actual government and it is the current government that bears all the political responsibility for the activity of its elected judges. Including, for all the decisions taken and which will be adopted in the future by these judges. "

The lawyer reminded the governors that the judges are subject only to the Constitution.

"It is simply unfortunate when those who came to power under the slogan of defending legality, blatantly stand on the feet of both the Constitutional Court as an institution and the individual judges," Pavlovschi writes.

The former Minister of Justice also referred to the actions of the magistrate Domnica Manole, who disclosed how she voted in the election of the president of the Constitutional Court.

"The secrecy of the deliberations is an axiom of the judicial activity and its disclosure is a disqualifying fact".

Stanislav Pavlovschi is Deputy President of PPDA. He was also a judge at the European Court of Human Rights of the Republic of Moldova. Pavlovschi was appointed Minister of Justice in the Sandu Government but he resigned a few days later. 


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