Former Governors of NBM: Armasu is a professional and will maintain the stability of banking sector

Finance Minister Octavian Armaşu is ready to take over the battleship of Governor of the National Bank. This is the opinion of the former NBM leaders, who say that Armasu is a professional and offers the confidence that he will maintain stability in the banking sector.

The current Governor of the National Bank, Sergiu Cioclea, is convinced that Octavian Armasu will continue the reforms to improve the banking sector in Moldova.

"I think he is a very professional person with whom I have had the great pleasure and honor to collaborate in these very, very difficult three years. I find in him determination and professionalism, if he is chosen by Parliament, I think the reforms will continue in the same direction and maybe even better", said Sergiu Cioclea, Governor of the NBM.

And the former NBM governors are confident that the experience gained by Octavian Armasu at the helm of the Ministry of Finance will help him make the right decisions in the governor's seat. Moreover, they are convinced that Armasu will perform his independent function without being influenced from the outside.

"He is a specialist, he knows macroeconomics, he understands what monetary circulation means, which means the exchange rate, which means international foreign exchange reserves. It can contribute to the stabilization of the national currency and the fulfillment of the primary task of the National Bank, namely the price stability", concluded Leonid Talmaci, former Governor of the NBM.

"We have a budget balance and a deficit in the established parameters, including the IMF's parameters. When all the politicians draw you as the Minister of Finance it is very difficult to secure that deficit according to the parameters. As Minister of Finance , showed that he is not a very obedient minister", said Dorin Dragutanu, a former governor of the NBM.

The opinion is also shared by economic experts.

"Mr. Armasu has not admitted major holes at the head of the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Armasu does not have, as far as I know, certain problems of integrity, he worked tangentially in the field of the National Bank, which I think is quite a person relevant to this position", said Viorel Girbu, economic expert.

The governor of the NBM will be vacant as of 30 November.

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