Former drug trafficker arrested for car thef

A former drug trafficker was caught by law enforcement on the suspicion that he stole a car, parked on Piața Unirii street, from Botanica sector. Police were alerted of the theft by the vehicle's owner.

The 30-year-old suspect confessed.

He now risks a criminal file for car theft and a fine from 11 600 lei to 27 000 lei, or to 3 years of imprisonment.

Capital's police recommends:

- Equip the car with alarm and sensors, as they prove to be most efficient;

- Ensure that the windows and doors are properly closed when leaving the car, even for a few minutes;

- Make sure to not forget the keys;

- During the nigh, park the car in a proper places that are lit, in a zone patrol officers keep an eye on.

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