Former Deputy mayor of Chisinau Nistor Grozavu under arrest

Former Deputy Mayor of Chisinau Nistor Grozavu was arrested for abuse of power this morning, the chief of municipal prosecutor's office Ştefan Şaptefraţi confirms. 

According to Grozavu's wife, the prosecutors raided their houses last week. 

"At 7:15, he was preparing to leave. They secretly came and arrested him. I asked them for what reason but they declined to answer. They only presented the municipal prosecutor's office and anti-corruption center. What's going on? Apart from an apartment and a Audi car, he doesn't hold an thing, we don't have other assets. We don't even have something to pay a lawyer simply", mentioned the wife of Nistor Grozavu.

Chisinau Municipal Council dismissed Nistor Grozavu from deputy mayor in July. 

Nistor Grozavu was also arrested in 2017 in the case of paid parking lots and was arrested for 30 days. 


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