Former Constructor footballers faced veterans of Moldovan football in match today

Today is a special day for the footballers of FC Constructor Chisinau!
They faced a match with the veterans of Moldovan football. The Constructor team was formed of the best players of 1996/1997 season, as Sergiu Dinov, Oleg Şişchin and Ivan Tabanov.

The match had a score of 4-4.

After the first break. the veterans were leading in a 4-1 score, but the Constructor team took its revenge in the second half. The final score was marked by Victor Comliinic.

"In three years, we managed to play in the second league of National Division and we became champions. It is very pleasant that we have met after 20 years", said Ivan Tabanov, footballer at Contructor Chisinau team.

"Those were the best moments of my football carer. The four years I played for Constructor can't be compared to a year in any other teams. I was playing with pleasure for this team", said Iurie Osipenco, former player at Contructor Chisinau.

Constructor team was founded in 1992. Then, the club was renamed in FC Tiraspol that was disbanded in 2015.


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