Former chief in Internal Ministry let on black list of officers who will be dismissed for against Nastase

Former leader of Special Operation Directorate Valeriu Cojocaru has let on how policemen subjected to the actual Internal Ministry pressure. 

"Not only leadership of Ministry but also Police General Inspectorate have exerted pressure on them, threatened them with trial. They were forced to make statements to former leadership that they would have been instructed to involve in intimidation of opposition parties to break the law", said Cojocaru. 

Moreover, he also made a black list of officers who will be dismissed due to opposition against Internal Minister Andrei Nastase. 

1) Nicolaie Cicariov, chief of Botanica Police;

2) Sergiu Paiu, chief of Rîşcani Police (Chișinău)
3) Ion Belibov, chief of Center Police;
4) Alexei Grosu, chief of Buiucani Police;
5) Ruslan Saachian, chief of Ciocana Police;
6) Vitalie Jitariuc, chief of Vulcaneşti Police;
7) Igor Vranescu, chief of Ungheni Police;
8) Alexei Vrajitoru, chief of Teleneşti Police;
9) Vasile Banari, chief of Sângerei Police;
10) Vasile Adasan, chief of Orhei Police;
11) Igor Botea, chief of Rezina- was dismissed;
12) Oleg Cojocari, chief of Bălți Police;
13) Boris Agachi, chief of Râşcani Police;
14) Viorel Damian, chief of Glodeni Police;
15)Maxim Bernic, chief of Drochia Police; 
16) Ilie Svirnei, chief of Donduşeni Police;
17) Valentin Plesca, chief of Briceni Police;
18) Oleg Chilaru, chief of Ocniţa Police;
19) Dumitru Batog, chief of Soroca Police.

According to Cojocaru's source, these officers will be dismissed for their disloyalty. He also came up with a message for Nastase: These officers must be protected from harassing. It's important to remember this. 

The former SOD leader appealed Gheorghe Balan to resign and "not to involve in illegal actions and indication of Minister Nastase". 




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