Forget cigarettes and alcoholic beverages found and seized in Briceni (Video)

Attorneys and border police have started investigating in Lipcani city, Briceni district, following a lead regarding a criminal group known for its contraband of forged cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.

In the end officers managed to find and seize drafts, bills and other documents proving that they forged tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and disposable dishes.

During the investigation 10.500 cigarettes packs were confiscated, lacking origin label and possibly with a fake stamp excise, worth 168.000 lei, as well as 60.000 lei cash, suspected to have come from sales of the mentioned above goods.

The case is still ongoing with the intention of detaining all those implicated in the plan.

If found guilty the suspects risks to spend the next 10 years behind bars.


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