Forged documents detected by border police at Briceni and Criva crossing points

False notarial empowerment and auto insurance are detected in several men by border police at Briceni and Criva crossing posts. 

58-year-old Moldavian citizen, a resident of the Chernivtsi region, Ukraine was driving a  Volkswagen Sharan car, registered in Lithuania, which was presented at the border crossing point Briceni.

After searches, police identified a package of documents in which several items did not correspond to original document. 

In the statements, the driver was amazed at the findings, being convinced that he had been legally executed, although he had not personally participated.

At the Criva border crossing point, border police detected falsified international car insurance in a 45-year-old man driving Volvo FH 440. 

The driver could not explain the fake document.

In both cases, the documents were taken and sent to the expert.

If found guilty, they risk fine of up to 32500 lei or community service from 150 to 200 hours, or imprisonment for up to 2 years.

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