Forged auctions: 17 persons stay in arrest for distribution of spoiled food

All 17 people detained in the case of altered foods, have received arrest warrants for a period of 30 days. Three of the defendants will be investigated under house arrest. The decision was taken by Buiucani trial court. The suspects were placed in detention at the prison No.13 in Chisinau.

Among those who will spend the next month behind bars include chief deputy head of the Education Department of Rascani sector, head of the Education Department of Center sector and chief of food division in the Ministry of Defense. The defendants say they are innocent.

But the prosecutors insist they have enough evidence to prove the involvement of all 17 defendants in this scheme. Moreover, the officials are on to others who would be related to this case.

"The crime was committed through participation, we did not yet establish all participants involved in these crimes. We believe that having another milder preventive measure, we could endeavor to influence witnesses, possibly other participants," said Ion Muntean, prosecutor.

17 people were detained on Thursday, 24 November 2016, in the case of spoiled foods. Prosecutors and anti-corruption officers say the suspects were delivering products of dubious quality to schools and kindergartens in Chisinau. The subject was also discussed in the Parliament. For the next meeting the members invited to hearings the prime minister Pavel Filip, Minister of Health, Ruxandra Glavan, the Education Minister, Corina Fusu, director of CNA, Viorel Chetraru and the head of the National Agency for Food Safety, Gheorghe Gaberi. reminds that according to the investigation data, the procurement process was taking place with serious violations of the law by favoring certain economic agents. Scheme was operating as follows: for signing contracts for the purchase, the decision makers of departments were discussing with a group of economic operators to increase offer prices, so that the winning bids more expensive. Or by prior agreement, at the auction were participating several operators with different bids, but having the same founder.

For favoritism, economic agents were paying civil servants, monthly or for each individual auction, specific amounts of money.

After examining and making a series of special investigative measures in the described criminal scheme were initiated 30 criminal cases on behalf of decision makers of sectorial departments in Chisinau and on the names of the economic agents involved. Thus, were conducted over 40 searches at the homes and offices of public officials from the Departments of Education, Youth and Sports of Chisinau City Hall and economic agents, but also the Ministry of Defense, National Agency for Food Safety and Hancesti Public Health Center.

It should be noted that in documenting the mentioned corruption offenses has been applied one of the most effective special investigative measures - undercover investigation.

The criminal case is being conducted by Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office.

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