Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu on postponed appointment of new ambassadors

The appointment of many Ambassadors of Moldova has been put off for nearly three months. Especially about the chiefs of diplomatic missions of the Republic of Moldova in European Union, Turkey, Poland and Canada. Ambassadors in these countries, regions were recalled in July 2019. 

Asked by Publika, the Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu confirmed the Ministry was looking for appropriate candidates, the work is coordinated with the head of state. 

"We're looking for candidates. Under no circumstance do we postpone the appointment. The appropriate candidates have not been found. They should be the ones who promote efficiently the interests of Moldova," Minister Nicu Popescu announced. 

However, MP Iurie Renita, Chairman of the parliamentary Standing Committee for Foreign Policy and European Integration, considers the appointment of four ambassadors is dragged intentionally, after Moldova's President Igor Dodon refused to sign the decrees regarding the recall of positions.

"Igor Dodon has not signed the decrees regarding the recall of four ambassadors whose mandates expired", said Iurie Renita.

According to the Presidency spokeswoman Carmena Sterpu, the decrees regarding the recall of four ambassadors will be signed next week and the new ambassadors will be appointed. The selection of ambassadors will be conducted on basis of meritocracy and professionalism. 



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