Football organized in Chisinau as solidarity act with HIV-infected people

HIV-infected people, as well as personalities, athletes, officials, and representatives of international organizations have played football to demonstrate the importance of combining efforts to combat HIV / AIDS. The event was an act of solidarity with those who had suffered from this disease. The fight for victory was given between two teams with symbolic names Friendship and Hope (in Romanian "Prietenia" și "Speranţa").

Participants in the competition wanted to demonstrate that HIV is not transmitted by touch or communication.

"I am infected with HIV, but this does not mean that I have two more ears, two more legs, I am a man like everyone else, I have special therapy, I know I have to do this to live," said Andrei Stolearenco, social assistant.

The Positive Initiative Association organized the friendly match on the occasion of World AIDS Day commemorating the victims.

"We will show solidarity, a kind of hope that through joint efforts, "concluded Ruslan Poverga, president of the Association Positive Initiative.

The rapid HIV test is carried out in a mobile clinic. There was also Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Svetlana Cebotari.

"It is a very simple procedure, safe procedure, we can do it at any time in any medical institution in any non-governmental organization," the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection said.

There are over 8,500 HIV-infected people in our country.

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