Flower Parade brightens Cimișlia amid flock of special guests

Cimislia town turned into a huge flower garden. Dozens of agricultural producers have praised various species of shrubs, decorative plants and flowers of all colors. Specialists have provided buyers with valuable tips on how to properly care for plants.

"Today we have many decorative trees and shrubs of different shapes, we have flowers of different shapes. Prices range from 10 lei to 200 lei", said Ana Mishcenco, sivicultor.

The Flower Parade Festival also amazed the special guests.

"If we, if the country has time, have a desire to deal with such holidays, I think we can say we have a dose of optimism that will help us overcome many other problems that we are bothering about" said Dumitru Diacov, honorary chairman of PDM.

In the context of the celebration, but also because they care about the environment, the young democrats of Cimislia planted more than 20 fruit trees in the Childhood Square of the city.

"They made a charity act for the Cimislia district and planted an alley of trees, fruit trees to enjoy each spring of flowering and beautiful fruits," said Dumitru Munteanu, president of the PDM youth organization, Cimislia.

"We believe that this is the duty of every citizen of Moldova to take care of the environment, our country," said Radu Lupan, Democratic Youth Democrat member.

The Flower Parade exhibition in Cimislia district is at its fifth edition.
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